Berlin. Loud, moody and exhausting. A city driven by hectic energy. But also calm on the inside. Attracting people from all around the world. Home to the outsiders of norms. Home to people who love to go against the flow. In Berlin we can be free. No cages, no bars, in this city of freedom. No rules, no limitations. Lots of independence.

Wonderful Berlin. You’re a symbol for equality, art, love, beautiful sin and freedom. You’re the perfect place for people to find and live their truth. Your inhabitants are more open-minded to accept a different approach to life.

In all honesty, you have to be considered a distracting beast. No other city makes it so easy for you to always do something while your life is actually turning in circles. Rumor has it that you’re a hedonistic mecca for delayed responsibility. Berlin is Europe’s New York.

It’s almost impossible to entirely isolate yourself from the city’s crazy lifestyle, but you don’t have to be a part of it either. Finding yourself in Berlin is all about figuring out just how much of its madness you need to stay sane. If you use the city the right way, it can be a catalyst for your dreams. Or you can cut off all contact, drift away into total obscurity. Berlin is the place where young people retire or disappear completely. Some voices say that Berlin is the city of lost souls.

One of the main thoughts when thinking about Berlin, at least for young people that is, are its popular nightclubs, music venues, events, clubs and techno parties. In fact, Berlin has been gaining a reputation of this wild and sleepless city where the party never ends. However, Berlin is much more than just an endless rave.

Berlin feels free. This feeling of freedom to be whatever you intend to has made people come here for decades.

Berlin is a global city, but it has the effect of a meditative retreat. They start to see how fragile things in life are, how constructed. People really have to go deep to investigate what drives them, and from which direction they want to face it. They have to interrogate their desire, and really discover their own yearning.

Berlin is like a Masters degree. A black belt in hustle.

People come to Berlin to find new opinions, new beliefs, new perspectives. And many have found more of a core of who they are, more self-awareness. Realizing they are dreamers, slackers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs. They’ve discovered what they’ve already known, but with deeper awareness. They know more clearly how to focus their interests, and what really makes them tick. They have more conviction, if not focus. What they’ve found is self-acceptance.

To us, Berlin means freedom and independence. This is what we value. We intend to merge design with entrepreneurial statements that transport these values. When you put on our shirts in the morning, we want you to be fired up and ready for crushing your day. We literally want to get your juices flowing and live your life to the fullest. Be bold, be free, be independent. Be Berlin.